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198x Interview by David Crippen (The Henry Ford Archives), archived at Benson Ford Research Center


1992 in Pantera International quarterly, issue 73 (Winter 1992)


1/2000 in Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (January 2000): McNeill (2000)


12/2001 in Classics and Sportscar (January 2002)


28/06/2003 Interview by Buddy Obara and Michael Bayer (Part 1: Duration 8:55, 5.7 MB, Part 2: Duration 4:07 min, 2.6 MB) at the La Bella Macchine Concours, Pocono (PA, USA) for the Ferrari 330 GT registry


01/2004 Interview by John McElroy (Blue Sky Productions, Livonia/MI, USA) for Autoline Detroit CD Radio

Duration 15:32 min (3.4 MB)


10/10/2009 Frank Mandarano at Car Guy Tour


20/08/2011 Tom Tjaarda pronounces his name


18/05/2012 Video-Interview by Frank Mandarano, Mercer Island (WA, USA) in Tom Tjaarda's Studio in Torino (I)


05/06/2012 Museo dell´Automobile di Torino


9/2012 Interview by Wolfgang Blaube with Tom Tjaarda and Aldo Brovarone on the occasion of the death of Sergio Pininfarina (Blaube 2012)




10/10/2014 Coppa dei Borbonne inCaserta (I)